I just realized I didn’t send a cover letter with my job application. oTL Oh well.

You go to college in Japan? Which college.

No, I studied abroad at a university in Japan last year. I’m back at my school in the US now.

I was gonna wait until after Boston to start looking for/applying to part-time jobs, but I was looking through the job listings on our career website and came across one that I feel like I can do. The deadline to apply is today LOL so I just went for it.

On a different note, I’ve been going to a lot of social science experiments lately. They’re about decision making and have to do with risk and probability and stuff. I think a large part of it is also chance, but I’ve been making a pretty good amount of money from these (even if I didn’t, there’s a decent walk-in fee), which I use to offset the money I spend on eating out. :p
I don’t know if they have all my decision-making stats on file (LOL) and are specifically targeting me, or if people who participate in more experiments just get asked to come back more often. But I went to two last week, and I went to one today and just got invited to do one tomorrow too. Wow.
Now that I’ve said this, I’m probably going to be unlucky and not make much of anything. :|


I’m going to Boston and I don’t have a jacket but I don’t know how my North Face fleece one will fit over a blazer and I don’t know if my windbreaker will be warm enough. D:

Speaking of which, I still need a blazer and extra socks and I feel like I need a bag too?? :\



Huge Saint Bernard dog being needy

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Wow, Jacky Cheung’s 每天愛你多一些 is the Chinese version of a Japanese song.


04 Limited Sazabys - “swim” Music Video

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